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Date: Venue: City: Time:     further Bands:
08.04.2023 Güterbahnhof 59555 Lippstadt 20:15 Dos Hombres  Doors: 19:00
Date: Country: City: Location: Further Bands:
past shows:
01.10.2022 Germany Soest Alter Schlachthof Brad Hart
07.03.2020 Germany Ense-Sieveringen Metal auffem Dorf  
22.11.2015 Germany Oberhausen Resonanzwerk Ninja
20.11.2015 Germany Soest Alter Schlachthof Ninja
31.07.2015 Germany Anröchte Big Day Out 8.0  
26.01.2013 Germany Dortmund Kokerei Hansa  
27.10.2012 Germany Krefeld Gremium MC  
05.10.2012 Germany Oberhausen Schacht 1 Crow 7
15.09.2012 England Worksop Frog And Nightgown  
14.09.2012 England Grimsby Yardbirds Guns & Roses Ex.
13.09.2012 England Manchester Grand Central  
12.09.2012 England Mansfield The Diamond  
05.05.2012 Germany Mechernich Gremium MC NRW  
25.02.2012 Germany Hückelhoven Markt 17 Universe
30.09.2011 Germany Wuppertal LCB Universe
15.07.2011 Germany Neukirchen-Vluyn Dong Open Air  
10.06.2011 Germany Osnabrück Ballroom Crimes Of Passion
20.05.2011 Switzerland Uster Rock City  
26.11.2010 Germany Wuppertal Wirtschaftswunder  
10.10.2010 England Grimsby Yardbirds  
09.10.2010 England Birmingham The Old Wharf  
03.04.2010 Germany Soest 21 Crimes Of Passion
02.04.2010 Belgium Antwerp De Rots Crimes Of Passion
16.10.2009 Germany Siegburg Kubana Dirty Deeds
11.10.2009 England Grimsby Yardbirds Crimes Of Passion
10.10.2009 England Birmingham The Old Wharf Crimes Of Passion
09.10.2009 England Ilkeston Three Horseshoes Crimes Of Passion
03.10.2009 Germany Ratingen Homberg Rockt!  
20.02.2009 Italy Mozzate Motorockas Crimes Of Passion
19.02.2009 Switzerland Uster Rock City Crimes Of Passion
18.02.2009 Germany Mannheim 7er Club Crimes Of Passion
16.02.2009 Germany Wuppertal LCB Crimes Of Passion
14.02.2009 Denmark Copenhagen The Rocks Crimes Of Passion
13.02.2009 Germany Hamburg Ballroom Crimes Of Passion
08.02.2009 England Dudley JB's Crimes Of Passion
07.02.2009 England Sheffield Corporation Crimes Of Passion
06.02.2009 England Grimsby Yardbirds Crimes Of Passion
08.11.2008 Germany Dortmund Musiktheater Piano Nektar
16.08.2008 Germany Kierspe Gut Haarbecke  
09.08.2008 Germany Bonn Harmonie Nektar
01.08.2008 Germany Seeheim-Jugenheim Zum Löwen Nektar
05.07.2008 Germany Lünen Lünen Open Air  
29.03.2008 Germany Witten Burn Out Bar No Söund Effect
26.10.2007 Germany Ratingen Tom's On The Rocks  
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