" ... the pure essence of this genre ... " (Metal Hammer 01/2011)
" ... the pure essence of this genre ... "(Metal Hammer 01/2011)


Howdy folks, ...

... here we are, with a new homepage, forced by a couple of changes within PMD. Stefan, who took care of the website over the last years, isn't part of the Band anymore. He's pretty active with his own Band "Isaac Vacuum" currently, so you might be interested to check out their website: www.isaacvacuum.com. We'd like to thank Stefan for his encouragement and dedication over the past years and wish him nothing but the best for his future.


We ourselves have had to make up our minds about the future of PMD within the last months. You know, we never expected to become famous. But we've invested so much energy, hope and money into this Band over the last decade, that it became frustrating at one point of our career. There's noone to blame but ourselves. We all know it's a tough business and it isn't that we're not willing to work hard and play as many concerts as possible. It's simply, that it's gettin' harder and harder to get locations booked and bring a few people in. We never asked for big salaries. Give us a stage and we drive as far as we need to. On the other hand, this Band was never meant to play Pubs. Poschi and I do this every weekend as the "Dos Hombres". We bring out the PMD songs acoustically and it's pure fun. But it's way different from playin' with a Band. After the last PMD shows, we were simply fed up to the back teeth beggin' for attention. So we took a break, to think it over and find out how much energy we've got left.


After a while we came to the conclusion, that we don't wanna let this Band die again. We were asked to write a song for my hometown (Ice-) Hockey Team. Workin' on that song was so much fun, that we decided to keep goin', without takin' it too serious anymore. We already found a new guitarist. Now we have to check out who else will be part of the new line-up. After that we will work on new songs and who knows, maybe a new album will hit the lights of day in the end. But we take as much time as necessary.


Cheers. Josh

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