Wuppertal gig cancelled

Unfortunately we had to cancel the gig at Wuppertal's Allee Stübchen, that was scheduled for October 7th. Fred, our guitarist, will be away until the end of January and since he's full part of the band, we simply won't play without him.


We will use the time to work on new songs. He will have his equipment with him, so he can participate in it.


We really hope you will understand our dicision and from the bottom of our hearts, we say "Sorry" to Conny and her crew at the Allee Stübchen and everybody who was looking forward to it. See you somewhere in 2024.



Leider müssen wir unseren Auftritt im Allee Stübchen, Wuppertal, das für den 07.10. geplant war, absagen. Unser Gitarrist Fred wird bis Ende Januar fort sein und da er fester Bestandteil der Band ist, wollen wir einfach nicht ohne ihn spielen.


Wir werden die Zeit nutzen und an neuen Songs arbeiten. Da er sein Equipment dabei hat, wird er daran teilnehmen können.


Wir hoffen, Ihr habt Verständnis für unsere Entscheidung und senden aus vollem Herzen eine dicke Entschuldigung an Conny und ihre Crew des Allee Stübchens und an Jeden der sich darauf gefreut hat. Wir sehen uns irgendwo in 2024.


What a night at the Rockin Rooster, Haan

Awesome venue and stage, a lovely, hard working Rooster crew, a wonderful crowd and with "Druckpunkt" some cool, amazing companions to share the stage with. Thanx to each and every one of you. Again, a huge "Thank you" to our crew as well.

Rooster member Michael shot those great pictures and we're happy to have the opportunity to share them.

Was für ein Abend im Rockin Rooster, Haan. Toller Club und Bühne, eine super nette, hart arbeitende Rooster Crew, ein wunderbares Publikum und mit "Druckpunkt" coole und großartige Kollegen, mit denen wir die Bühne teilen durften. Vielen Dank an jeden Einzelnen von Euch. Natürlich auch wieder ein dickes "Danke" an unsere Crew.

Rooster Mitglied Michael hat jede Menge tolle Fotos geschossen und wir freuen uns die Möglichkeit zu haben, diese mit Euch zu teilen.


Fotos Rockin Rooster Facebook


Borrowed Years Piano Version soon to be released

We're just a few hours away from the release of the Borrowed Years Piano Version.

Available online: August, 11th - 00:00

Nur noch wenige Stunden bis zur Veröffentlichung der Borrowed Years Piano Version. Ab 00:00 Uhr am 11.08. könnt Ihr den Song bei allen großen Plattformen streamen.


Borrowed Years video online


New video premiere

Our guitarist Fred was busy again and has put together a new lyric video for Borrowed Years.


youtube premiere: August, 6th - 00:00


Fred hat sich mal wieder in die Arbeit gestürzt und ein Video mit Songtext für Borrowed Years gebastelt.

youtube Premiere: 06.August um 00:00 Uhr


One more day until the rerelease of "Borrowed Years"

So it's about time for a few facts about Borrowed Years.


Of course we always wanted to be back on stage with a band and when we finished the recordings for "Part Time Rebellion" and "Circles" in 2008, we focused on putting a band together and trying to get some gigs. Not easy without any huge company in the back. Yes, Bellaphon records took over the distribution of the albums, but nothing else. All the work had to be done on our own.


Anyway, we already collected a couple of ideas for a new album. It was soon clear that Jörg lyrically wanted to work on a concept album, about the pros and cons of death penalty. No other topic could be more controversial.


Are you sure about your own opinion? Well, I think, we'll never know, until we're personally involved.


What would you do, when they find your child murdered and slaughtered? When they caught a, so called, suspect and the evidence is overwhelming?


And what would you do, when the suspect is your brother and he swears he's not guilty?


Borrowed Years was meant to be the introduction to the story, a missing girl and the parents lost somewhere between hope and dark premonition.


You see, enough stuff to write about, but somehow, we never finished that album. "I can only imagine why, but guess, Poschi was really frustrated due to the lack of success of Part Time and Circles." Jörg says. "I haven't had those high expectations, because I'm pretty much aware that it needs much more than a couple of good songs. But Poschi was different and I guess he simply was a bit disillusioned and not able to write any new material."


It also was the time of line up changes within the band and when Stefan Huth arrived with his Touch guitar, he seemed to be the perfect guy for this kind of complex music. But he is completely out of this world and talents like him seem to be never satisfied. Though he wanted to be part of the band so badly, it never really worked out, because his musical horizon is so out of reach for us. Andre, our drummer at this time, was absolutely amazing and we weren't men enough to stick to him, when Stefan started complaining about his drumming. Stefan's a Prog-Metal nerd and to be honest, none of us can catch up with him. When he came up with the idea of a new drummer, we decided to give it a try and let Andre go. But that drummer never came and Andre was, of course, too disappointed to return. In the end we parted ways with Stefan too and the entire project went up in smoke. Stefan returned for the 2 release gigs of Borrowed Years on keyboards in 2015, but then walked his way into a brighter future.


When we finished the recordings for Desert Moon Hotel, we received a phone call from Bellaphon, letting us know, that the CD market was completely down during the pandemic, that they need some space and therefor no longer wanted to distribute our albums physically. Perfect timing, because we already decided to release our songs online on our own. So we left Bellaphon in good terms and since then, everything's in our own hands. We haven't released Borrowed Years yet, because Jörg never really was satisfied with the vocals. So we took the chance to work on that and now think it's time to give it a go. Hope you enjoy it.


Who needs humans anymore?

We were looking for a design for our new backdrop and our guitarist Fred thought he might ask his AI software. That's what it came up with.


Wir waren auf der Suche nach einem Design für unseren neuen Banner und unser Gitarrist Fred befragte mal seine KI Software. Das kam dabei heraus.

A few adjustments the "old-fashioned" way ... what means Photoshop ... which, for us, was already science fiction 20 years ago ... and voila ... it looks incredible.


Ein paar Anpassungen auf die alt-modische Art ... das heißt, Photoshop ... was für uns noch vor 20 Jahren schon Science Fiction war ... und voila ... fettisch.

Wait a minute ... don't we need the Band in this Pub? Ok, why not ...


Warte mal, brauchen wir nicht die Band in dem Pub? Ok, warum nicht ...


Borrowed Years

On July, 28th we will release our 2023 version of "Borrowed Years", featuring, for the first time on a PMD recording, "The Desert Rosies" on backing vocals. Piano and string arrangements by Stefan Huth. It will be available on all major online streaming plattforms.


Borrowed Years was originally released on November, 20th 2015.



Am 28. Juli veröffentlichen wir "Borrowed Years" in der Version 2023, bei der "The Desert Rosies" erstmals als Backing Sängerinnen auf einer Past M.D. Aufnahme verewigt wurden. Piano und Streicher-Arrangements kommen, wie zuvor, von Stefan Huth. Der Song wird bei allen großen Streaming Plattformen erscheinen.


Im Original wurde Borrowed Years am 20. November 2015 veröffentlicht


Will he listen to it?

Last Saturday I drove to Groningen, Netherlands, to see my hero Steve Earle at the Spot / De Oosterpoort. Since Texas Jimmy is my answer to his song Taneytown, I thought I'd let him know about that and took the chance to present him a copy of Desert Moon Hotel.


Another cool review

Took a while, but we received another review. Thanx to the guys of reveal fanzine.


REVEAL FANZINE: Review: PAST M.D. - Desert Moon Hotel


No fear of small venues

Of course we love to play live clubs that have a lovely stage, but since the prices for the booking of those clubs exploded after the pandemic, we're not afraid of playing pubs with enough space for the band too. So we return to Wuppertal after a couple of years and set up our gear at the "Alleestübchen" on October, 7th. We'll do our best to decorate that place perfectly.



Natürlich lieben wir es in Live Clubs zu spielen, die eine tolle Bühne haben, aber seit die Preise für die Buchung dieser Clubs nach der Pandemie explodiert sind, scheuen wir uns auch nicht in kleineren Läden zu spielen, die genug Platz für unsere Band bietet. Somit kehren wir nach einigen Jahren nach Wuppertal zurück und bauen unsere Anlage im Alleestübchen auf. Wir geben unser Bestes um den Laden entsprechend zu dekorieren.


Androsch has left the building

We have a little change in the line up. Androsch is no longer the bass player in PMD. We'll present our new man on the deep 4 strings within a couple of days. But you still know that you can already check him out live on April, 8th at the "Güterbahnhof" in Lippstadt?

Wir haben einen kleinen Besetzungswechsel. Androsch ist ab sofort nicht mehr Bassist bei PMD. In den nächsten Tagen werden wir Euch unseren neuen Mann an den 4 tiefen Saiten vorstellen. Aber Ihr wisst noch, das Ihr ihn bereits am 8. April live im "Güterbahnhof", Lippstadt kennenlernen könnt? ?


Round 7 of our "in his own words" ... series

The story behind "Texas Jimmy" is online and has some interesting details about the lyrics.


Die Geschichte zu "Texas Jimmy" ist online und enthält einige interessante Details zum Text.


New gig

You don't need to make no further plans for the easter weekend. On Saturday the 8th of April we're playing a lovely small venue called "Güterbahnhof" in Lippstadt, entrance for free. Doors: 19:00, Start: 20:15



Für das Oster-Wochenende braucht Ihr Euch nichts weiter vorzunehmen, denn wir spielen am Ostersamstag, den 08.04. in einem netten, kleinen Laden in Lippstadt, namens "Güterbahnhof". Der Eintritt ist frei. Einlass: 19:00 Uhr, Start: 20:15


Happy new year everybody

Well, the stressful christmas- and new years days are over and it's time for the next round of "In his own words ...". Of course again from Jörg. Seems like the other guys are either to lazy or they know that nobody's interested anyway. But at least you can't say we didn't try. ☺️


The story behind Colorblind


Afterlif(v)e Video online

Fred was busy again and created another awesome Live-Video from our release concert at the "Alter Schlachthof, Soest" ... Afterlife live



Fred war mal wieder fleißig und hat ein weiteres großartiges Live Video von unserem Realease Konzert im Alten Schlachthof, Soest erschaffen ... Afterlife live


Directed by Jürgen "Fred" Becker

Sound by Rudy Kronenberger


Afterlife - YouTube


Black, White & Hot released

The song, dedicated to our friends of the Gremium MC, is now available on all major music streaming platforms.



Der Song, den wir unseren Freunden vom Gremium MC gewidmet haben, ist nun bei allen großen Musik-Portalen verfügbar.


New video "Can I Get A Witness - Live"

Fred has been busy again and created a new video. Can I Get A Witness was shot with multiple cameras at the release concert at the "Alter Schlachthof, Soest". Our good friend Rudy Kroneneberger, who is also our designated master behind the soundboard when it comes to live concerts, is responsible for the sound of that video. A huge "Thank you" to both of you, for the hard work.




Fred war wieder fleißig und hat ein neues Video kreiert. Can I Get A Witness wurde mit mehreren Kameras bei unserem Release Konzert im Alten Schlachthof, Soest aufgenommen. Unser guter Freund Rudy Kronenberger, der auch unser designierter Meister am Mischpult bei den Live-Konzerten ist, ist für den Soundmix des Videos verantwortlich. Ein fettes "Danke schön" an Euch Beiden für die harte Arbeit.


Past MD - Can I Get A Witness - Live - YouTube


Online Re-Releases

Within the next weeks we will re-release our singles and rare songs from the past online.


We'll start with "Black,White & Hot", a song we wrote in 2011. It's a biker's hymn, dedicated to our friends of the Gremium MC. The song was originally written for the Krefeld chapter. Due to different reasons it can happen, that members switch between chapters or form a new one. Others pass away or simply retire. So we dedicate this song to the entire Black & White World. Anyway, those who were involved know who they are and this will always be YOUR Song.


Black, White & Hot has never been officially released before and only appeared on one edition of the Sail On Single. Date of the release will be Dec. 14th.



Innerhalb der nächsten Wochen werden wir unsere alten Singles und raren Songs online neu veröffentlichen.


Den Anfang macht "Black, White & Hot", ein Stück, das wir 2011 geschrieben haben. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine Biker Hymne, die wir unseren Freunden des Gremium MC gewidmet haben. Im Original schrieben wir den Song für das Chapter Krefeld. Aus verschiedenen Gründen kann es passieren, dass Mitglieder zu einem anderen Chapter wechseln oder gar ein neues gründen. Andere sind schlichtweg gestorben oder gingen in Rente. Von daher geht dieser Song nun an die ganze Black & White Familie. Die, die involviert waren, wissen ohnehin wer sie sind und dies wird immer EUER Song bleiben.


Black, White & Hot wurde offiziell nie veröffentlicht und war lediglich auf einer Auflage der Sail On Single enthalten. Der Song erscheint am 14.Dezember.


Mega Review bei FFM Rock

PAST MD - Desert Moon Hotel (ffm-rock.de)


Wir sagen "Vielen Dank" an Michael Toscher und das Team von FFM Rock.


In his own words ... the stories behind "Desert Moon Hotel"

We're kicking off a new series called "In his own words ... the story behind ...", in which we deliver background informations about the album, cover, the songs and lyrics and what else we think, could be interesting. Hope you like it.


Simply click on "Desert Moon Hotel" in the page menu.



Wir starten die neue Serie "In his own words ... the story behind Desert Moon Hotel". Hier liefern wir Euch nach und nach Hintergrundinformationen zu jedem einzelnen Song, den Texten oder was auch immer wir meinen, für Euch interessant zu sein. Wir hoffen Ihr habt Euren Spaß daran.


Clickt hierfür einfach auf "Desert Moon Hotel" im Seitenmenü.


Impressions from our release concert

Fred, our guitarist, has put together a little video with impressions from our concert at the Alter Schlachthof, Soest. Since we had a few cameras flying around that night, there will be more to come. For now, enjoy this one.



Fred, unser Gitarrist, hat ein kleines Video mit Impressionen von unserem Konzert im Alten Schlachthof, Soest zusammengestellt. Da wir einige Kameras vor Ort hatten, wird in nächster Zeit noch einiges hier erscheinen. Für's erste, genießt dieses hier.


Waste Of Time - YouTube


First reviews

We're just 23 hours away from the release of Desert Moon Hotel and right on time we received the first fine reviews for the album.


The first on comes from myrevelations.de. Thanx to Peter Hollecker and the myrevelations.de-Team.


Another on arrived a couple of hours ago, this time from "Metal Addicts". Thanx to Poleto and the Team of Metal Addicts. Here's the Link


Nur noch 23 Stunden bis zur Veröffentlichung von "Desert Moon Hotel" und gerade rechtzeitig erhalten wir die ersten tollen Kritiken.


Die erste Besprechung kommt von myrevelations.de. Vielen Dank an Peter Hollecker und dem myrevelations.de-Team.


Ein weiteres Review erreichte uns erst vor wenigen Stunden, diesmal von Metal Addicts. Vielen Dank an Poleto und dem Team von Metal Addicts.








5 more days ...

Unfortunately, the band, that was meant to be the support for our release concert in Soest, pulled out a couple of days ago. We didn't expect it that hard, to find a replacement, especially when it comes to original bands. We thought those guys are hungry to play, especially in such a fantastic club as the Soester Schlachthof. But we had to learn, that it isn't that way.


Anyway, we've found a rock covers band from Lippstadt / Germany that grabbed the chance, so welcome aboard ...



Die ursprünglich als Vorprogramm geplante Band musste uns leider vor einigen Tagen absagen. Wir hatten nicht erwartet, dass es so schwer sein wird einen Ersatz zu finden, besonders bei Bands mit eigenen Songs. Wir dachten, diese seien hungrig darauf auf die Bühne zu kommen, erst recht in einem solch großartigen Club wie dem Schlachthof. Dem scheint nicht so zu sein.


Daher haben wir eine Rock Cover Band aus Lippstadt gefunden, die den Part sehr gerne übernimmt. Herzlich willkommen an Bord ...


Colorblind Video online

Finally the problems were solved and the Colorblind video is online. Enjoy it.



Endlich konnten wir die Probleme beheben und das Colorblind video ist online. Viel Spaß.


Past M.D. - Colorblind - YouTube


Colorblind released

With Colorblind we've released the next song from the upcoming album. Available on all major music streaming platforms.


Due to Server-Problems, we're still waiting for the release of the video. We hope to have it online later this day. 



Mit Colorblind haben wir den nächsten Song von unserem neuen Album veröffentlicht. Erhältlich ist er bei allen großen Streaming Anbietern.


Auf Grund von Server-Problemen, warten wir leider immer noch auf das dazugehörige Video. Wir hoffen es im Laufe des Tages online zu haben.


Desert Moon Hotel on CD

Well guys, there's another good reason to appear at the Release Concert at the Alter Schlachthof, Soest on Oct. 1st. Actually Desert Moon Hotel was meant to be released online only. But we made up our minds and thought, it's a bad idea to play a Live Release Concert without having the album available. So we came to the conclusion to get some CD's pressed, including a 16-page booklet, containing all the lyrics ... and ... here they are, 1 month ahead of time.


We'd like to say "Thank you so much" to the entire team of deineScheibe.de. Those guys made a fantastic job.


Wir haben einen weiteren guten Grund für Euch, zum Release Konzert am 01.Oktober im Alten Schlachthof, Soest zu kommen. Eigentlich war geplant, Desert Moon Hotel nur online zu veröffentlichen. Aber wir haben nochmal genauer drüber nachgedacht und kamen zu dem Entschluß, dass es ziemlich doof ist ein Release Konzert zu spielen, ohne das Album selbst dabei zu haben. Also beschlossen wir, eine kleine Auflage an CD's pressen zu lassen, inklusive eines 16-seitigen Booklets, mit allen Songtexten ... und ... heute kamen sie an, ein Monat im Voraus.


Vielen Dank an das gesamte Team von deineScheibe.de, die einen fantastischen Job gemacht haben.


"Colorblind" Release on Monday, Sept. 5th

"Colorblind" is the title of the next release from the upcoming album "Desert Moon Hotel". It will be available online via all major music streaming platforms on Monday, Sept. 5th.


Directed by Björn Tessnow, who already did the "Ma Carson" video for us, we've shot a video for Colorblind a week ago, which will also appear the same day.



"Colorblind" ist der Titel der nächsten Veröffentlichung vom Album "Desert Moon Hotel". Ab Montag, den 5.September wird er bei allen großen Online Streaming Diensten erhältlich sein.


Am gleichen Tag erscheint das Video zum Song, das wir vergangene Woche mit Björn Tessnow, der schon für das "Ma Carson" Video verantwortlich war, gedreht haben.


Ma Carson's lyrics

Just in case anybody's interested in the lyrics of Ma Carson's Medicine ... here they are. Due to the fact that those lyrics are pretty clear and without any hidden messages or prayers to any devil, they need no further introduction and speak for themselves.



Nur für den Fall das irgendjemand an dem Text zu Ma Carson's Medicine interessiert ist ... hier ist er. Da der Text unmissverständlich ist und auch keine versteckten Hinweise oder Teufelsanbetungen beinhaltet, benötigt er wohl keine weiteren Erklärungen und spricht für sich selbst.

She was a perfect Mom
The daughter of a preacher
Grew up sheltered
With a christian education


Things got out of hand
When her husband died of cancer
Too many unpaid bills
Led to a deep frustration


Chasing the american dream
She started in her cellar
Her product was high quality
Ma Carson's medicine


For almost 13 months
The DEA observed her
Until the day
They stormed the house at 5 am


They didn't find a single piece of evidence
Nor the hidden tunnel
Found nothin' but a perfect house
Cleaned up by 20 men


Chasing the american dream
She started in her cellar
Her product was high quality
Ma Carson's medicine


She earned a lot of sympathy
Things couldn't have gone better
People travelled far to taste
Ma Carson's medicine


Carefully they brought her stuff back to the cellar
Certainly they would not dare another raid
She went back to work and produced better stuff than ever
Though she knew that she was dancin' on a razorblade


They all knew Ma Carson's medicine
Soon it was sold all over the country


Chasing the american dream
She started in her cellar
Her product was high quality
Ma Carson's medicine


She earned a lot of sympathy
Things couldn't have gone better
People travelled far to taste
Ma Carson's medicine


Every sunday morning when the church bells rang
She got a wad of money from the garden shack
And while the congregation and the choir sang
It miraculously went into the bell bag


© & ℗ 2022 Past M.D. GbR


Ma Carson's Medicine released

Well well well ... finally here it is, Ma Carson's video enjoy it.


Past MD - Ma Carson's Medicine (Official) - YouTube


Ma Carson's Medicine

2 more days until the release of "Ma Carson's Medicine", the first song from the upcoming album "Desert Moon Hotel"



Noch 2 Tage bis zur Veröffentlichung von "Ma Carson's Medicine", dem ersten Song unseres neuen Albums "Desert Moon Hotel".


New partner

To promote "Desert Moon Hotel" we teamed up with "Imperative Music Agency" from Brasil (www.imperative-music.com)


A huge "Thanky you" goes out to Gilson Arruda for being that patient. As you know, we had to postpone the release a couple of times. Gilson and his team will take of the public relations in Europe, Asia, United States and South America.


Looking forward to it. Come on, Gilson, make us famous :).



Desert Moon Hotel will see the light of day on October 1st. The album will be available online via all major music platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Napster and a few more.


We'll celebrate that date with a live concert at "Alter Schlachthof" in Soest, Germany.

Next Live Dates:

12.08.2023     Haan

07.10.2023     Wuppertal

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