" … the pure essence of this genre ..." Metal Hammer 01/2011
" … the pure essence of this genre ..."Metal Hammer 01/2011

The History of PMD - from 1980 til today



In Oberhausen, Germany, guitarist Detlef Poschmann, bassist Klaus Petereit und drummer Rudy Pfeiffer form the Metal Band Midnight Darkness



Guitarist Michael Rolke and singer Michael Janzen complete the first line-up
1983 Vocalist Jörg Reuter replaces Michael Janzen



Production and release of the first single, including the tracks "Running From Future" and "Free Man"




Midnight Darkness sign a record deal with GAMA Records. Too professional for Michael. Afraid he has to quit his job, he quits the band.
  Straight after a concert at the "Zentrum Altenberg", in their homebase Oberhausen, the band drives to Kirchheim/Teck in Southern Germany. They receive 2 weeks at the "Spygel-Studios" for the production of their first album "Holding The Night"
  But Midnight Darkness become victims of their own inexperience. In several discussions the label bosses testify that Rudi's unable to record the drums perfectly enough for a record. The band members agree that Peter Garattoni, one of the GAMA bosses, will play the drums for the album - of course they ask for a good fee. A scheme to cheat bands out of their money, how MD find out later. On almost every debut album of the bands that were signed by GAMA, the drums were recorded by Peter Garattoni. Not the worst way to finance productions.
  Disappointed, Rudi leaves the band. "Mindless" will be the only song with his original drum parts on the album. Unfortunately, the band isn't strong enough to stand behind their drummer
  In September 1985, "Holding The Night" will be published
  Shortly after the release, Midnight Darkness split up




Poschi, Klaus & Jörg form "BornChild", with Hansi Heringer on drums and Holger Jankowski on guitar. It's the beginning of the hair metal era



Due to private reasons, Klaus leaves the band. He's getting replaced by Jürgen "Fred" Becker
  BornChild play concerts in Germany and The Netherlands, followed by a tour with "Tygers Of Pan Tang"



Holger quits the band and BornChild decide to keep goin' with just one guitarist
  The band plays several concerts in Germany and the Netherlands, including support shows to "Magnum"
  BornChild never make it to a record deal. Jörg blames it on his voice and looks out for a voaclcoach. Not that easy in those days back then.
Following an advice of his new vocalcoach, Jörg leaves BornChild to concentrate on his singing lessons

1990 - 2003



After finishing his singing lessons in 1993, Jörg tries to find a home in different bands. None of them was worth to settle down. So he forms a Coverband called Chicks 'n' Bud's, which leads into Dos Hombres in 1996.
  Meanwhile Poschi and BornChild work with a new singer. But soon BornChild turns into a project called Bar-Fly. Starting as a Coverband with numerous concerts all over Germany, things change when they meet the famous german producer Ralph Siegel. Bar-Fly return to write their own songs and record an album for the huge record company BMG, which was produced by Ralph Siegel. The future looks bright. Bar-Fly are already booked for a TV show, that was well known as a successful platform for newcomer bands. Unfortunately their producer get in trouble with BMG and the promotion for the debut album "First Impression" was cut down. With their appearance at the TV cancelled, Bar-Fly are gutted and give up.





After 15 years Poschi & Jörg meet at Poschi's house and during the evening they start to work an a song. Within hours they finish "Scared Of Dreams". Both agree that there's only one choice - to team up again.
  To stay away from the natural trouble most bands have to fight with, they decide to start this project as a 2-piece, to write the songs and keep the control over the entire project, before they put a band together.
  In memory of the old days, the bandname should give a hint about Midnight Darkness. They chose Past M.D.
  to be continued ...

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