" … the pure essence of this genre ..." Metal Hammer 01/2011
" … the pure essence of this genre ..."Metal Hammer 01/2011

Past what?

The M.D. in the bandname leads back to the early 80's, when Detlef and Jörg were part of a band called Midnight Darkness. Their first and only album "Holding The Night" was released in 1985 through the legendary german label GAMA Records. Holding The Night wasn't very successful back then, but isn't it funny that it would be in the Top 10 with it's number of sales nowadays?


Call it what you want, whatever the style of PMD is. For us it's simply Rock 'n' Roll. We don't give a shit about styles or which catogory you want to put us in. We received some good reviews on our albums, in which the critics compared us to bands we've never even heard about. So, who cares?


Let's Rock !!!

Next Live Date:

Oct. 1st 2022

Alter Schlachthof, Soest


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