" … the pure essence of this genre ..." Metal Hammer 01/2011
" … the pure essence of this genre ..."Metal Hammer 01/2011


New partner

To promote "Desert Moon Hotel" we teamed up with "Imperative Music Agency" from Brasil (www.imperative-music.com)


A huge "Thanky you" goes out to Gilson Arruda for being that patient. As you know, we had to postpone the release a couple of times. Gilson and his team will take of the public relations in Europe, Asia, United States and South America.


Looking forward to it. Come on, Gilson, make us famous :).



Desert Moon Hotel will see the light of day on October 1st. The album will be available online via all major music platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Napster and a few more.


We'll celebrate that date with a live concert at "Alter Schlachthof" in Soest, Germany.


Fuck the government

With deepest regret we have to inform you, that we have to cancel the release concert at the Alter Schlachthof, Soest.


With the current restrictions from the german government, it doesn't make sense to work on any future plans. We will never ever leave anybody out, just because he's not vaccinated or whatever.


We have set an eye on the 1st of October and reserved that date in Soest, but who can make any promises in these weird days? While the world is opening up, Germany is still locking down.


Nevertheless, the band will have a meeting within the next days and discuss what to do with album. It's about time to get it on the market and bring it to your ears.


Meanwhile, stay tuned and thanx again for your patience.


Desert Moon Hotel release date: 08.04.2022

Desert Moon Hotel will be released on April, 8th 2022, with a concert at the "Alter Schlachthof" in Soest, Germany. Stay tuned for further informations.


Album release postponed ...

Howdy friends,
due to a change in the band's line-up, we decided to postpone the release of "Desert Moon Hotel". To make it real southern, we have 3 guitarists aboard now.
We're not in a hurry anyway, so why should the album sound different from the live versions?
That means, we have to fill in a few guitar tracks in the studio within the next weeks.
We'll get back to you pretty soon with further informations.


Here it is ...

... the tracklist of our new album "Desert Moon Hotel":
Murphy's Law
Can I Get A Witness
Texas Jimmy (Taneytown, the other side)
Bad To The Bone  Soldiers Of Freedom
The Naked Truth
Dance With The Wolverine
Nip And Tuck


It happened ...

There's a new album coming, called "Desert Moon Hotel".


We've been very busy since the beginning of the year and the result is a longplayer, that we are totally convinced of. It only took us 40 years to find the sound we were always looking for. Influences of the styles we personally always prefered. That means lots of Southern and even a bit Country, but in the end, it's simply Rock.


There's no date of release yet, since we have to think carefully about the next steps. We will check if there is a "real" record label that's interested in it or if we will release it on our own again. Currently Poschi's working on the mix and mastering and he's doin' a mighty fine job.


There will be lots of information about it within the next weeks, so stay tuned.


We never expected ...

our album "Circles" to get that close to reality 10 years later. We wish you guys all the best in those horrible times. Keep your heads up and stay healthy.


Thank you Sieveringen ...

What an awesome day at the "Metal auf'm Dorf"-Festival. We send a huge "THANK YOU !!!" to our host Sven Schremmer and his hard working crew. We'd also like to thank our crew (Rudy, Denis, Jörg, Schrödi), The Reaper "Matze", our families and friends, Elmar, the bands (Corroding Sun, Claymore, Words of farewell, World's last boogie) and everybody who showed up to make this event an unforgetable one.


Hope to see you all again. Julian, Werner, Hans, Poschi and Josh


Before we forget ...

We have a limited number of tickets at a special price of 15 €. Write a mail or give us a call to save yours ... now !!!


Rehearsals in progress ...

Time's running fast and we've started rehearsals for the Festival-Gig in Ense-Sieveringen on March, 7th. So, it's about time to introduce the new line-up:


On guitars ... he seriously reduces the average age of the band ... Julian Liedtke


On bass ... the genius ... the Professor ... Werner Wenzlitschke

On drums ... still there ... still smiling ... and still fun to hang with ... Hans Heringer

On guitars ... the man who needs no further introduction ... Detlef Poschmann

On vocals ... wearin' the same haircut after all those years ... Jörg Reuter

Not to forget ... he will always be a part of this band ... forever ... and hopefully share the stage with us for a few songs ... Klaus Petereit


Here we go ....


It's official ...

Past M.D. will return to stages in 2020. The first confirmed gig will be at the "Metal auf 'm Dorf" - Festival in Ense, Germany. These are the further bands: "The Claymore", "Worlds Last Boogie", "Word Of Farewell" & "Corroding Sun". We're looking forward to it.

Next Live Date:

Oct. 1st 2022

Alter Schlachthof, Soest


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